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Rediscover The Joy Of Shoes That Fit Perfectly!

Extra wide, width adjustable shoes that easily slip on and off, paired with exceptional customer care.

Starting from $69.95

Black orthopedic shoes with white soles, one shoe displayed side-on, the other showing the sole.

Our Adjustable Fit Shoes

Discover our collection of stylish and comfortable extra wide, width adjustable shoes that will fit your feet - no matter how swollen - while keeping them extra comfy!

Light beige orthopedic shoe with adjustable velcro closure and breathable mesh fabric.

Extra Wide, Adjustable Fit Shoes

Starting at $69.95

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The #1 Choice For Adjustable Fit Shoes

"A game changer for me"

"These shoes are fantastic for the edema in my ankles and feet. The total top section opens to allow you to easily insert your foot. The velcro on each side allows you to adjust the snugness to keep the shoe stable and comfortable. This is so great because you can control the pressure applied to the foot when you wear different thickness of socks."

Margaret H.

"My feet feel so much better"

"I kept buying shoes that I ended up returning as they were always too small or narrow or cut across the top of my toes. But these don’t do that and are so comfortable. I am an elderly lady with obesity, edema and lymphedema so finding shoes that fit that I can afford is a real problem!"

Barbara S.

"Truly improved my quality of life"

"Most the time I have swollen feet and ankles, especially the left foot and ankle. The way these shoes open at the top makes it real easy to put on. No more shoe horn or help from others to put on my shoes, will buy again."

Helen T.

Why Choose Us?

At EasyFit we are committed to making your experience as great as possible. We pride ourselves on excellent value and exceptional customer service.

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Our goal is to create lasting relationships built on trust, making you feel like you're doing business with an old friend.

“They truly go out of their way to make you happy"

— Dorothy C.

Our Story

We believe everyone deserves to live comfortably, no matter their age or medical conditions.

And with most shoes being uncomfortable for those with swollen feet, we set out to change that.

Using the same quality materials and innovative designs as leading brands, we created EasyFit with one major difference:

Our extra wide shoes are adjustable to the exact size your swollen feet need in order to be comfy!

Just the relief you need, at a price accessible to everyone.

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