• Hands wearing pink arthritis compression gloves, with text promoting pain relief and reduced swelling.
  • Person wearing pink gloves tossing a salad in a kitchen.
  • Purple gloves that improve blood circulation, viewed from the front and back.
  • A person smiling while wearing a gray glove and talking on the phone.

The Quick & Easy Way To Stop Pain & Swelling In Your Hands

Specially designed compression gloves for women 60+ that are comfy, breathable and made to relieve pain & swelling, while also helping with Arthritis & Carpal Tunnel.

Elderly woman smiling in a striped shirt, seated indoors.

“I absolutely love these. My hands haven’t felt this good in years!” - Kathy O.

Illustration of human hand bones superimposed on hands in a gripping motion.

Keeps Pain & Swelling Away All Day Long

Illustration of breathable fabric with arrows showing oxygen molecules passing through.

Ultra-Breathable & Extra-Comfy Fabric

Anatomical illustration of the human hand showing bones, arteries, and veins.

Improves Circulation In Fingers, Hands & Wrists

Two hands holding each other in a circular frame.

Fits Your Fingers, Hands & Wrists Perfectly

People using fingerless gloves for various activities: using a phone, sleeping, cooking, and gardening.

These Changed My Life Forever

"My hands used to be in constant pain.. And the swelling didn't make it any better.

I even had a hard time typing on the computer!

Which is why I decided to try compression gloves and I'm so happy I did. They've been able to improve my circulation, get rid of the pain I had in my hands and even stop the swelling in my fingers!

Not to mention my hands feel cool and comfy, since these gloves are the perfect thickness for relief, while still being breathable, comfy and non-restrictive.

Overall I'm really thankful these gloves have helped relieve my pain and let me do the things I love again :)"

Smiling elderly woman with short gray hair wearing a red and gray striped shirt.
Compression gloves in black, pink, purple, and gray, with hand wearing gray gloves showing pain relief.

The main reason behind your fingers & hands hurting, swelling or feeling tired all the time comes down to poor circulation.

So what our compression gloves do is apply the perfect amount of compression (8-10 mmHG), and the result is a huge improvement in your circulation.

Which you'll notice immediately with the pain & tiredness "melting" away as blood flows freely through your fingers and hands.

On top of this, you'll notice your swelling go down within hours! You’ll even notice an improvement in Arthritis and Carpal Tunnel symptoms.

The Compression Co.’s Gloves Are Specially Made For Women 60+

People using fingerless gloves for various activities: using a phone, sleeping, cooking, and gardening.

Immediate Relief Of Pain & Swelling

From the moment you put our gloves on, you’ll notice the pain, fatigue, and swelling fully “melt” away”, which is all thanks to the improved circulation they bring! Even symptoms of Arthritis & Carpal Tunnel will ease up as you start to wear our gloves regularly.

Ultra-Breathable, Extra-Comfy

We’ve made sure to use only the comfiest, most breathable fabrics to keep your hands cool, comfy and unrestricted. So you can enjoy them all day long, doing everything you love! In fact, you’ll forget you’re even wearing them.

Person wearing pink gloves and an apron, using tongs to mix a salad in a glass bowl.
A woman smiling while talking on a smartphone outdoors.

Fits Your Fingers & Hands Perfectly

No matter how swollen and painful your hands are, our gloves will fit you perfectly - guaranteed! They’re super stretchy to fit all types, shapes and sizes of hands, while still offering proper support.

Stretchy & Durable

You’ll be wearing our gloves daily and with that comes a lot of wear and tear. So we’ve made our gloves extra strong, stretchy and durable, to stay in day 1 shape as long as possible! On top of that, we’ve added grippy lines so grabbing things will be as easy as ever.

Pink fingerless gloves displayed on hands.

Our Perfect Fit Guarantee

If our gloves don't fit you perfectly, we'll replace them with the correct size - free of charge. 

So click the button below and grab your compression gloves today!

  • Hands wearing pink arthritis relief gloves with text: 'Stops Pain & Swelling Quickly Helps Relieve Arthritis Symptoms.'
  • Person wearing pink compression gloves preparing salad in a kitchen.
  • Purple open-fingertip gloves for improved blood circulation.

The First Compression Gloves For Women Over 60


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Why Choose The Compression Co?

  • The Only Compression Gloves Made Specially For Women 60+

  • Quickly Relieves Swelling In Your Fingers, Hands & Wrists

  • Helps Relieve Symptoms Of Arthritis & Carpal Tunnel

  • Comfy, Breathable, Stretchy & Non-Restrictive

  • Fits Your Fingers, Hands & Wrists Perfectly

  • Easy To Put On & Take Off

  • We’re A Small, Family Run Business That Truly Cares About You

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